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Leather Chemicals


Our trading company, the only stock listed trading house in the region could be classified as general trading. However, our larger activities are in commodities and raw materials for industry in bulk which we would like to highlight as:


Trade Name
Hydrated Lime Calcium hydroxide
Sodium Sulphide Sodium Sulphide
Sodium Hydrosulphide Sodium Hydrosulphide
Sulphuric Acid Sulphuric Acid
Trade Name

Rockapon WTO

Sulphied alcohol based
 Deliming Agents
Trade Name

Rockaltal F

Combination of low molecular acids and organic and inorganic chemicals
Bating Agents
Trade Name
Rockenzyme 6500-L

Pancreatic alkaline  enzyme  

Rockenzyme 7500-L Protease alkaline enzyme
Rockenzyme Asbit Micro acidic enzymes
Degreasing / Wetting Agents
Trade Name
Rockol L-151 Alkyl aryl sulphonate
Rockol L-251 Alkyl aryl sulphonate
Rockol 642 Poly glycol ether derivatives
Rockol DGS-100 Poly glycol ether
Rockol DGS-150 Poly ethylene ether solvent based
Rockol RPK Ethyline oxide products
Fungicides & Antibacterials
Trade Name
Rockbiocide RZ Dithio-carbamate derivatives
Rockbiocide LP-30 -2 Thio cyanao methyl thio benzo thiazole (TCMTB)
Negahdar IST-WB Phenol derivatives (free from PCP)
Negahdar IST-WD Phenol derivatives (free from PCP)
Rockbiocide VB -2 Thio cyanao methyl thio benzo thiazole + para chloro metha cresol (PCMC/TCMTB)
Trade Name
Rockafix DCS-N  Dicyandiamide
Rocktanol NAFOL -Naphthaline Sulphonic acid, formaldehyde polycondensate
Rockytan DCS-595


Rockytan RHN Phenolic based chrome sysntan
Rockytan LF Phenol condensation
Rockytan RAB Phenol condensation

Rockytan RAL

Crystallized aluminum tri-formate
Rockytan ROS Replacement syntan
Rockytan RP2 Naphtalene based synthetic
Rockytan RE-540 Acrylic
Rockytan RE-808 Acrylic
Rockytan RE-808S Acrylic
Rockytan RD Melamine condensation
Rockytan RNOL Phenol condensation product
Rockytan RPR Naphtalene based synthetic
Rockytan RR7 Resign tanning agent
Rockytan RPN Aluminum-chrome tanning agent
Rockytan RSN Mixture of sodium lignin sulphonate & naphtalene sulphonate, formaldehyde condensate
Rockytan TAK Organic and inorganic compounds
Trade Name
Rockol APL
Sulphited natural & synthetic oil
Rockol FBL-616 Vegetablr synthetic oil
Rockol Leopol-100 Ester sulphonated, high molecular aliphatic hydrocarbons
Rockol CS-414 Synthetic fatty ester
Rockol LNE-918 Condensation of synthetic and natural oils
Rockol LNP-375 -Natural sulphonated oil
Rockol LPM-385 Sulphonated vegetable synthetic oil
Rockol OFL Sulpuited odorless marine oil
Rockol OFM-345 Sulphonated vegetable synthetic oil
Rockol OPS-322 Sulphonated vegetable synthetic oil
Rockol FM-222 Sulphited odorless marine oil
Rockol 710 Sulphonated castor oil
Rockol RUF Sulphated and sulphonated natural and synthetic oil
Masking Agents
Trade Name
Rockenal DC -Mixture of di carboxylic salts

Product Category

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  • Commodities : (Cement, Clinker, Steel, Wheat, Rice, Soybeans, Corn)
  • Fertilizers :(Sulphur, DAP, Urea, TSP, GTSP, NPK, MOP, Rock Phosphate)
  • Raw materials :(Steel Billets, Chemicals, Clinkers, Bauxites)
  • Other Products :(Sulphuric Acid, Polymers, Pipes, Caustic Soda, Oil and Lubricant, Bitumen, Plastic products, Animal Feeds, Air Conditioners, Trucks, Cables)