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Our trading company, the only stock listed trading house in the region could be classified as general trading. However, our larger activities are in commodities and raw materials for industry in bulk which we would like to highlight as:


Product   Specification
Sulphur for Phosphate fertilizers Purity: 99.5% min
Ash: 0.05% max
Carbon: 0.05% max
Moisture: 3.0% max
Urea (Prill) Nitrogen: 46% min
Moisture: 0.5% max
Biuret: 1.0% max
Prill size: 1-2.8 mm, 90% min
Less than 1 mm: 10% max
Urea Granular Nitrogen: 46% min
Moisture: 0.5% max
Biuret: 1.0% max
Granular size: 1-4 min 90%
Less than 1mm: 10% max

Dia Ammonium Phosphate Nitrogen: 18% min
P2O5: 46% min
Water & Citric soluble: 46% min
Water soluble P2O5: 43% min
Moisture: 1.7% max
Granulometry 1-4 mm: 95% min
Industrial Products
Agro Products
Wheat Specification
Test Weight 78 Kg per Hectlitre min
Protein Content 10.5% min
Moisture Content 12% max
Gluten (on wet basis) 23% min
Foreign Matter 1% max
Other food grains 2% max
Shriveled, shrunken & broken kernels 4% max
Weeviled / bored grains 2% max
Damaged Grains 2% max
Rice Specification


White / Raw Long Grain

Broken Grains (basis 2/3) 15-20% max 5-25% max
Moisture 14% max 14% max
Damaged / Discoloured 2% max 3% max
Red / Split Kernels 2% max 2% max
Foreign Matter 0.5% max 1% max
Paddy per Kg 20 Grains max 30 Grains max
Grain Length Upto 6 mm max Upto 6 mm max
Yellow Kernels - 1% max
Chalky Grains - 6% max
Milling Degree - Well Milled
Maize Specification
Moisture 14% max
Foreign Matter 2% max
Broken 2.5% max
Damaged Kernels 5% max
Admixture 2% max
Affloataxin 20 PPB : 50 PPB
Soybean Meal Specification
Protein Content 48% min
Moisture 11% max
Fibre 6% max
Fat 1.5% max
Sand / Silica 2% max
Urease Activity 0.3 MgN2 /gm/min @ 30C (by EEC method)
Sugar Specification
Colour Upto 150 ICUMSA Units max
Polarization 99.7 C min
Moisture 0.1% max
Ash Content 0.1% max
Edible Oil Imports
RBD Palmolein As per standard specification
Crude Palm Oil As per standard specification
Sun Flower Oil As per standard specification
Soya Oil As per standard specification
Pulses Imports
Chick Peas As per standard specification
Yellow Peas As per standard specification
Dun Peas As per standard specification
Matpe As per standard specification

Product Category

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  • Commodities : (Cement, Clinker, Steel, Wheat, Rice, Soybeans, Corn)
  • Fertilizers :(Sulphur, DAP, Urea, TSP, GTSP, NPK, MOP, Rock Phosphate)
  • Raw materials :(Steel Billets, Chemicals, Clinkers, Bauxites)
  • Other Products :(Sulphuric Acid, Polymers, Pipes, Caustic Soda, Oil and Lubricant, Bitumen, Plastic products, Animal Feeds, Air Conditioners, Trucks, Cables)