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Leather Finishing Chemicals


Our trading company, the only stock listed trading house in the region could be classified as general trading. However, our larger activities are in commodities and raw materials for industry in bulk which we would like to highlight as:


Acrylic Emulsion Binders
Trade Name
Rockacryl AE-100 Acrylic
Rockacryl AE-105 Acrylic
Rockacryl AF-160 Acrylic
Rockacryl CV-175 Acrylic
Rockacryl AM-144 Acrylic
Rockacryl OHM-156 Acrylic
Rockacryl OM-146 Acrylic
Rockacryl OBM 155 Acrylic
Pigment Emulsion Pastes
Trade Name
Rockpigment Shabfam Carbon black dispersion in water
Rockpigment Shabrang 73 Protein resin carbon black combination

Finishing Auxiliaries
Trade Name
Rockazolar HC Metal complex
Rockapen L-171 Heavy alcohols
Rockcaseinal U-91 Casein proteins
Rockcaseinal 6021 Casein proteins
Nc Laquers
Trade Name
Rocklacquer-87 Nitrocellulose resin emulsion
Rocklacquer EM-87b Nitrocellulose resin emulsion
Rocklacquer EM-89 Nitrocellulose resin emulsion
 Rocklacquer EMC99 Nitrocellulose resin emulsion
Rocklacquer EMC-99b Nitrocellulose resin emulsion
Rocklacquer EMC-99M Nitrocellulose resin emulsion
Rocklacquer SHOKUFEH 80 Nitrocellulose

Rocklacquer SHOKUFEH 83

WAXES & Feel Modifiers
Trade Name
Rockasoft LCS-37 Fatty acid ester
Rockawax MONTRA Special wax

Rockawax PE-65

Polyethylene emulsion
Silicone Modifiers
Trade Name
Rockasoft KIMER Silicon derivatives
Rockasoft SIMER Silicon derivatives
Rockasoft SS-15 Silicon derivatives
Rockasoft TIMA

Silicon derivatives

Product Category

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  • Commodities : (Cement, Clinker, Steel, Wheat, Rice, Soybeans, Corn)
  • Fertilizers :(Sulphur, DAP, Urea, TSP, GTSP, NPK, MOP, Rock Phosphate)
  • Raw materials :(Steel Billets, Chemicals, Clinkers, Bauxites)
  • Other Products :(Sulphuric Acid, Polymers, Pipes, Caustic Soda, Oil and Lubricant, Bitumen, Plastic products, Animal Feeds, Air Conditioners, Trucks, Cables)