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Our trading company, the only stock listed trading house in the region could be classified as general trading. However, our larger activities are in commodities and raw materials for industry in bulk which we would like to highlight as:


Rockacryls & Rockabonds (Binders)
Trade Name
Rockacryl AE-110 Acrylic
Rockacryl AE-115  Acrylic
Rockacryl ASB-60 Acrylic
Rockacryl CM-8 Acrylic
Rockacryl DA-166 Acrylic
Rockacryl DA-600 Acrylic
Rockacryl ETN Acrylic / styrene
Rockacryl MB-31 Polyvinyl acetate dispersing
Rockacryl NTV-119 Acrylic/Vinyl actate copolymer
Rockacryl PBA Acrylic
Rockacryl SD-605 Acrylic
Rockacryl SLM-112 Acrylic
Rockacryl VD-203 Acrylic
Rockacryl VD-210 Acrylic
Rockabond PM Poly acrylic dispersion resin
Rockabond VE-125 Polyvinyl acetate dispersion



Trade Name
Rockapon DFT Aromatic oxy-derivatives
Rockapon DSP Poly ethylene fatty acid ester
Rockapon EGU High molecular weight modified alkoxylated derivatives blend
Rockapon QW Sulphated alcohol
Rockapon PET Phosphated ester compound
Rockapon GNS Emusifiable solvent
Rockapon OPE
Rockapon OT-20
Poly oxy ethylene derivative
Sulphited alcohol based
Rockapon RAG Polymer organic compound
Rockapon RELF Modified ethylene oxide derivatives
Rockapon RWA Polymer organic compound
Rockapon T-190 Poly ethylene glycol ether


Rockspins(Spin Finish)

Trade Name
Rockspin LB-40 Blend of lubricants & antistatic agent
Rockspin SY-1000 Synthetic oil
Rockspin SY-1010 Fatty acid ester ethylene oxide condensation
Rockspin SY-1020 Fatty acid ester ethylene oxide condensation
Rockspin SY-1060 Phosphated ester
Rockspin SY-1910 Fatty acid ester composition
Rockspin SY-2000 Synthetic oil
Rockspin SY-2004 Fatty acid ester
Rockspin SY-3910 Phosphated ester compound
Rockspin VIM Fatty amide


Trade Name
Rockasoft AC-100
Rockasoft CPE-100
Fatty amide
Poly ethylene derivatives
Rockasoft HK
Rockasoft KSM
Modified alkoxylated amide
Sulphonated vegetable oil
Rockasoft KVL-100 Modified synthetic fatty amide
Rockasoft PE-65 Poly ethylene emulsion
Rockasoft PE-100 Polyethylene derivatives
Rockasoft RIA Concentrated Semi micro-emulsion of cross linkable amino-functional silicone elastomer
Rockasoft RID Micro-emulsion of a poly siloxane with amino group
Rockasoft RID conc Micro-emulsion of a poly siloxane with amino group

Rockafixes(Fixing Agents)

Trade Name
Rockafix ED Poly ethylene derivatives
Rockafix EFD-200 Modified polyalkyl amine
Rockafix KVS Cross linking agent based on heterogeneous cyclic derivatives
Rockafix M Melamine formaldehyde
Rockafix ROF Polymer organic compound

Rockons(Conning Oil)

Trade Name
Rockon CO-19 Paraffin oil fatty acid ester blended
Rockon CO-39 Paraffin oil fatty acid ester blended

Dispersing Agents

Trade Name
Rocktamol WS-liquid
Condensation product of naphthalene sulphonic acid
Rocktanol VS-100 Mixture of condensation product of naphtalene sulphonic and various sulphonic acid
Trade Name
Rockafob USD Synthetic polymers

Product Category

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  • Commodities : (Cement, Clinker, Steel, Wheat, Rice, Soybeans, Corn)
  • Fertilizers :(Sulphur, DAP, Urea, TSP, GTSP, NPK, MOP, Rock Phosphate)
  • Raw materials :(Steel Billets, Chemicals, Clinkers, Bauxites)
  • Other Products :(Sulphuric Acid, Polymers, Pipes, Caustic Soda, Oil and Lubricant, Bitumen, Plastic products, Animal Feeds, Air Conditioners, Trucks, Cables)